Tips Take Care of Laundry

Generally, we will rinse clothes several times to make sure that the soap foam is completely gone. Though there is an easier way to remove the foam while saving the use of water. After washing, let the lid of the machine open to reduce the moisture. Clean the filter cloth as well so as not to keep the fine hairs from the clothes. Dry the exterior of the washer, especially the panels, so as not to damage its function. Also perform a washing machine service periodically to make sure all the machine functions are running properly. You can use our laundry service if you do not have time to wash your clothes.

Do not leave clothes that have been washed for long in the washing machine. In a matter of time, wet clothes can cause bacteria. Towels that have been washed may also smell fresh. But after you put it on again (to dry the body after bathing), towels can leave a musty smell. Note when ironing the clothes should be noted what kind of fabric and what materials the clothes. Arrange the heat of the iron according to the type of material, and do not be too long when ironing clothes.