The important thing of carpets that should not be forgotten

Hand-made or hand-made carpets are more expensive than carpets made with engines. Quality can be said to be equivalent, but generally, different strength knitted. Carpet fabrication is relatively stronger. Problem motive, hand-made carpets never have the exact same motives. Motif became the most recognizable figure in the carpet. In general, carpet motifs are divided into two types: classical and modern. Classic motifs usually have many ornaments. Concretely, this classic motif is similar to Persian rugs, while modern motifs look simpler. Usually, it is a blend of lines and colors more assertive. In addition, there are not to be forgotten on the carpet Padding or padding is the base of the carpet that keeps the carpet is not directly related to the floor. Plain padding is made of rubber or foam material. Padding is able to hide floor imperfection, especially if the floor does not have a flat surface. Padding is also able to keep the carpet is not easily shifted from its position. Cleaning it must be with a professional laundering service that is

When talking about carpet, people more often see it from the size of the thickness. The average person looking for a thick carpet because it feels softer than a thin. Thick thin carpet is there because of differences in material and structure. Not only that, padding able to absorb the sound that arises due to friction between the surface of the carpet with the floor due to the activities we do on the carpet. Most importantly, padding can make your carpet last for years. For that, always consider the type and thickness of padding when choosing a carpet for a particular space.