Healthy Lifestyle Able to Increase Nitric Oxide Gas

The Asia Pacific community has begun to realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle. With physical activity and a healthy diet can increase nitric oxide or nitric oxide that circulate blood. Based on Herbalife’s survey with YouGov in 2015 in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea and Thailand, from 1,200 respondents, 64 percent are concerned and aware of the potential diseases due to unhealthy lifestyles. They know that physical activity and eating patterns can keep them away from heart disease, stroke, and other diseases. Also present were Louis Jose Ignarro, a Nobel Prize-winning healthcare professional in 1998, who talked about the prevention of heart disease and stroke. Ignarro conducted a study on nitric oxide (NO) in the human body. The latest breakthrough that you can meet is nitric oxide supplements.

NO is a type of gas in the pulse and nerves that help to help the blood circulation throughout the body. Ignarro has found NO function to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and other non-contagious diseases. Increase consumption of fish, vegetables, and fresh fruits will help increase NO in the body. Production of NO is maintained capable of transporting the rest of the metabolism to the lungs, kidneys, and liver to decompose and then discharged out of the body. It can happen because with the gas production can accelerate blood vessels.